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Solaris Sparse SRU’s

A question came up in class- “What is a Solaris Sparse SRU?” Solaris SRU is an acronym used to describe an Oracle Support Repository Update.  These SRU’s are downloaded from Oracle’s support site and used to update a local repository which in turn is used to update the Solaris operating system.

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Working with rsyslog in Solaris 11

In this exercise you will: Install rsyslog and setup rsyslog to log messages to individual log files.  You’ll setup a central rsyslog server and configure an rsyslog client to send messages to the central server. You’ll also learn to customize the message format using templates. Setup:Perform this exercise on any

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Setup a Syslog central Server on Solaris

Description: Setup a server to send syslog messages to a central syslog server Setup: For the example, I’ll use two virtual servers in VirtualBox. “solaris” will be the host sending syslog messages to “logserver,” a second VM.  Logserver is a server that you will setup as a central syslog server. For

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Update ILOM Firmware on a SPARC T4-1

In this example, I’m going to update a SPARC T4-1 to firmware version 8.9.10 1.  Check for the latest version of firmware at this URL: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/systems/patches/firmware/release-history-jsp-138416.html The following table is displayed showing the firmware updates for the entire SPARC family: 2. Scroll down to locate your server. Click on the

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Console Mode in Solaris 11 Gnome Desktop

How do I open a console window in the Solaris 11 Gnome Desktop? This question comes up occasionally- especially in my transition courses where I have administrators migrating from previous version of Solaris.  In those versions of Solaris, administrators used the Java Desktop (Solaris 10) and the Common Desktop Environment

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Setup X11 Access to the Solaris GUI Gnome Desktop

Many of my blog posts come from questions that I receive in the classroom as I travel around the world teaching Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX.  I tell my students that I learn something in every class that I teach- even when I teach the Fundamentals UNIX course.   It’s because

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