Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration (level 1)

Length: 5 Days

Prerequisite: Solaris fundamentals course

Recommendation Statement:
It is assumed that the student has an understanding of UNIX. You must be familiar with basic UNIX commands, and the VI editor. The Solaris fundamentals course or an equivalent Unix SVR4 fundamentals course is recommended.

Course Description:
This course teaches basic topics in Solaris system administration. The operating system will be Oracle Solaris 11.4. Both SPARC-based and x64-based versions of Solaris are covered in this course. Students will have access to both SPARC and x64-based Solaris servers to perform their labs.

This course prepares the student for the Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator Certification Exam (1Z0-821), including the Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator Exam (1Z0-820).

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Perform system boot and shutdown procedures (SPARC and x86 architectures)
  • Manage Services and Administer the Service Management Facility (SMF)
  • Manage and Update software with the Image Packaging System (IPS)
  • Manage the Image Packaging System (IPS), Packages and Repositories
  • Understand and Manage Boot Environments
  • Administer storage devices
  • Create and Manage ZFS File Systems
  • Perform Advanced ZFS Management tasks
  • Install the Solaris 11 Operating environment
  • Create and administer user accounts
  • Manage system processes
  • Understand how to secure the system
  • Perform OS backups and restorations
  • Configure the network interface, setup virtual network components and network services
  • Understand Solaris virtualization concepts (Zones, Containers, Logical Domains and Partitions)
  • Administer Solaris Zones
  • Setup a virtual network between Zones
  • Manage crash dumps and core files
  • Troubleshoot Solaris systems