Oracle Solaris 11 Security Administration

Length: 5 Days

Prerequisite:  Experienced Solaris 11 System and Security Administrators. Specifically, Students should have the following skills

  • Completed the Advanced Solaris 11 System Administration course
  • Understand how to install Solaris software packages and OS updates with IPS
  • Understand how to administer user accounts
  • Understand how to configure the network in Solaris 11
  • Understand how to create ZFS storage pools and file systems
  • Understand Solaris file permissions
  • Understand how to configure and manage Solaris Zones

Course Description:
Students will learn about the security features in Solaris 11. Students will learn how to implement these features and technologies to reduce the risk of intrusion and to secure their system applications and data

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe Features in Solaris 11 to Secure the OS
  • Understand Minimization 
  • Install Security Updates 
  • Configure Security Settings in the OS
  • Disable Unneeded Services
  • Harden Services
  • Protection at the kernel level
  • Secure Users
  • Audit Significant Events
  • Remove Unneeded Privileges
  • Secure the Network
  • Protect File Systems and Data
  • Control /Restrict System Access
  • Securing the Solaris OE using Zones
  • Protect Resources Using Containers
  • Build and Install a Golden Image using the Automated Installer (AI)