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"Bill has been providing UNIX/AIX training classes for my company for several years. He has a deep knowledge of the subject matter and is an excellent instructor. He always gets great reviews from the students. Additionally, Bill is very flexible about customizing his materials and classes for us. He is thorough, detail-oriented, and follows through on his commitments. I highly recommend Bill and look forward to our next engagement."
Dianne N. IT Training/Development Management
"Bill recently provided a Solaris Bootcamp for us at GDIT. The students in the class have been extremely satisfied and provided comments like "best training class I ever had". Bill also provided at no cost an extensive pre-class student assessment which allowed him to customize the class to our student's needs."
General Dynamics Information Technology
C. L., Project Coordinator
"Bill Calkins wrote the book! I have a dog eared copy of Inside Solaris, and the System Admin Certification Training Guide. Both are invaluable to the Solaris community. Now imagine learning Unix in person with the author as your instructor. The book comes to life! I have had customers all over the world request Bill Calkins classes. Each and every time the results were the same; amazed, excited, and extremely positive. From consulting large multi-cultural/multi-organizational corporations to one on one mentoring, there is no one better equipped to bring order to the chaos. I highly recommend Bill Calkins for your next project."
Web Age Solutions
Don D. National Account Manager
"I wanted to thank you again for sending us Bill. What an instructor he is! He knows his stuff, worked with the students, if he didn't know something he researched and discussed the next day, etc. Our folks absolutely LOVED him (and they aren't easy to please). They are IT folks and are extremely tough on instructors. We are very pleased and wanted to say thank you again."
Progressive Insurance
Carol S. IT University
"In recognition for his exceptional support to the USCENTCOM J6 Global Command and Control System (GCCS) mission. Through his incredible knowledge of the core GCCS operating system and his world-class teaching ability, he profoundly increased the skills and abilities of the GCCS system administrators throughout USCENTCOM and its components. He is recognized by the Joint warfighting community as the GCCS technical trainer of choice. His expertise and dedication contributed significantly to the success of the United States Central Command and is deeply appreciated."
Mark S Bowman, Brigadier General, U.S. Army Director of Command and Control, Communications and Computer Systems
"Thank you!" Everyone that I talked to who attended the class really got a lot out of it. Mike G., one of the sharpest Unix guys here couldn't say enough about you. He said that in some classes you do not get your money's worth, but with you we did. Thanks again."
C. D., Deputy of Unix Operations
"It's not really what Bill did, rather who he is that makes the learning classes with him significant. His wealth of experience and research provides answers to difficult questions that may not be found in text books, or vendor's website."
Wells Fargo
“Excellent. I was impressed on how Bill can answer one person’s question while troubleshooting another student’s problem. While several students had to catch their machines up to the rest of the class, Bill was able to expand on the subject at hand without beating it to death.” The instructor is amazing. The class really flowed nicely.
Christine L.

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