Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration

Length: 2 Days

Students should have 6 months of Solaris 11 system administration experience on a SPARC server including experience with OpenBoot, Storage Management (including ZFS), the Service Management Facility and NFS. This course will be taught on a SPARC server running Solaris 11 system using Oracle VM for PARC v3.5, so knowledge of the Image Packaging System (IPS) and Networking is also helpful.

Length: 2 days

Course Description: 
This course teaches the student how to plan, configure, and administer Oracle VM Server (formerly called Logical Domains) in the Solaris 11 environment using the Oracle Solaris Logical Domains Manager software. Students will gain hands on experience managing an Oracle VM server on a SPARC based server.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Plan, install and configure an Oracle VM Server on a SPARC server 
  • Install the Oracle VM Server software 
  • Configure the control and service domain 
  • Create a guest domain 
  • Reconfigure Oracle VM Server resources 
  • Use virtual disks 
  • Use virtual networks 
  • Manage Oracle VM Server configurations 
  • Perform a warm migration: Migrate an active guest domain 
  • Perform a cold migration: Migrate a bound or inactive guest domain 

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