AIX Network Installation Management (NIM)

Length: 5 Days

Prerequisite: AIX System Administration 1

Length: 2 days

Recommendation Statement:
The student should understand basic UNIX commands such as navigating directories, working with files and using the VI editor. In addition, the student should understand AIX file systems and how to install the AIX operating system from a local CD/DVD in a non-NIM environment.

Course Description:
This course is for system administrators and operators that need to understand how to perform Network based installations on AIX and is equivalent to IBM’s AN220 course. You’ll learn how to perform NIM tasks such as configuring the NIM Master, NIM resources and NIM clients.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand NIM concepts
  • Understand NIM Resources including- SPOT, lpp_source, and mksysb
  • Configuration of a Network Installation Manager Environment
  • Configuring the NIM Master and Creating Basic Installation Resources
  • Adding a NIM Client to the NIM Environment
  • Performing a Base AIX O/S install onto a NIM Client
  • Use a mksysb Image to Install the Base Operating System (BOS) on a NIM Client
  • Perform a Non-prompted BOS Installation
  • Define and Customize Additional Base Install Resources
  • Understand NIM Network Issues
  • Perform Maintenance and Updates on NIM resources
  • Use NIM for Disaster Recovery
  • Maintain Software in an LPP_SOURCE
  • Boot a NIM client into maintenance mode from the boot image on a NIM server

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