AIX 7 System Administration 1

Length: 5 Days

Prerequisite: AIX Essentials course or equivalent experience

Recommendation Statement:
It is assumed that the student has an understanding of UNIX.   You must be familiar with basic UNIX commands, and the VI editor.  The AIX fundamentals course or equivalent experience is recommended.

Course Description:
This is the first course in administering an AIX system and teaches basic topics in AIX system administration. The students will learn to install and manage the AIX operating system in a multi-user Power System environment. The operating system will be IBM AIX 7 and the student will have access to an IBM Power System lab environment.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Overview of AIX server configurations (standalone, LPAR, WPAR)
  • AIX System Administration Tools 
  • Install the AIX operating system
  • System Startup and Shutdown 
  • Understand and manage system devices 
  • Printer and Queues 
  • Understand Volume Manager concepts
  • Manage File Systems 
  • Manage Paging Space 
  • Backup and Restoration concepts 
  • Understand how to implement system and network security 
  • Managing and Scheduling Processes 
  • Understand how to configure the network 
  • Create basic workload partitions (WPARs)

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