Oracle Solaris 10 Zones Administration

Length: 3 Days

Prerequisite: Solaris System Administration Part 1 course or equivalent experience

Recommendation Statement:
The student should have completed the Solaris 10 System Administration Part 1 course or should have five months of
experience administering the Solaris operating system.

Course Description:
This course teaches the student how to administer Zones (Containers) in the Solaris 10 operating environment. A Zone is
the implementation of virtualization within the Solaris OE. You’ll learn the advantages of using Zones, how to implement
Zones and how to manage Containers. You’ll understand the issues associated with administering Solaris Zones in a
real world environment. The course includes plenty of hands-on labs and each student will have their own system to
practice on.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand when and where to utilize Solaris Zones
  • Configure and Administer non-global Zones
  • Sparse vs. whole root Zones
  • Networking in a Zone environment
  • Boot, halt, clone and uninstall/delete non-global Zones
  • Move Zones across file systems
  • Migrate (copy/clone/move) a Zone across systems
  • Backup and Restore Zones
  • Connect storage to Zones
  • Make modifications to an existing Zone configuration
  • Allocate and delegate ZFS file systems to Zones
  • Administration Packages and Patches in Zones
  • Configure Resource Pools and Resource Management with Zones

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