Online Live! Instructor Led Training

Using our state-of-the art Virtual Classroom- you’ll sign into the course at the scheduled start time and participate in the Live course. You’ll ask and hear questions, you’ll listen to Bill Calkins (your Live instructor) and you’ll have access to our network of lab servers

Attend a class with Bill Calkins from anywhere in the world!

  • Any course can be delivered Online and Live!
  • Get the same training we offer in our classroom – Live and Online over the internet
  • Attend a Live training course from anywhere in the world
  • Small class size
  • Hear the instructor – Live!
  • Ask questions – Live!
  • Interact with other students Live!
  • Access our servers from anywhere at anytime to practice your lab work.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Flexible content
  • All Live sessions can be recorded, so if you miss a scheduled class or just want to review the material one more time – come back when it’s convenient and view it again. Recordings are available for the duration of the class
  • This can be in the AM or PM, we’ll adjust the times to match your timezone  
  • Check out our Schedule of On-Line Live Courses
“I felt as if I was in a formal class room, but with out all of the hassle of having to travel. Bill, I was overall super pleased with my first time experience of an online course of this nature. I think I am spoiled now, and will probably never want to have to travel for training again.”
City of Jefferson County
Carole G.
"This was my first virtual class and it went really well. The instruction was really good and was just what we needed to get started with Solaris 11. I will highly recommend it to other Solaris administrators."​
Lockheed Martin
Jeanette D.
"This class was spot-on for what I needed in making the switch to Solaris 11. The instructor showed extraordinary flexibility in adjusting course material to the class' needs."
Lockheed Martin
David G.
“I have nothing but praise for Bill and the online course. He always made sure it fit around my time schedule as I was from the United Kingdom. Bill answered all of my questions with excellent expertise and the training material given was clear and concise. Best of all, we had recordings of the class, which we could go back and watch over and over again, which is excellent. Thanks Bill for a great class.”
Independent Contractor
"This class was spot-on for what I needed in making the switch to Solaris 11. The instructor showed extraordinary flexibility in adjusting course material to the class' needs."
Lockheed Martin
David G.
“This was my first virtual class experience, so it was a little difficult getting used to the virtual desktop and virtual servers. But with Bill's help, it all worked out. I loved to get to go to class without travel. Thank you Bill!!!!"
Lockheed Martin
Leah L.
"This course was very helpful and I will feel much more confident in my abilities to manage a Solaris server. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and teaches the information in a great way. The virtual class is a great learning environment, and so were the labs. I truly enjoyed this course and plan on coming back."
J. Snyder
"It was a treat to have an opportunity to benefit from Bill's expertise. His approach to teach the underlying building blocks is a great approach. Bill was extremely knowledgeable about the subject. I greatly appreciated that the course focused on the command line tools! I would love to take another class with him as the instructor."
Wells Fargo
"I was totally impressed and satisfied with the vitual course. The fact that we were instructed by the person who wrote the course was great. We covered a large amount of material in a short amount of time without anyone getting behind or losing track was impressive, with the amount of network problems that we had."
Lockheed Martin
Gene R.
"I enjoyed the online course. The pacing was right and allowed time to focus on the important aspects of the OS. I enjoyed working hands on while talking things through with the instructor."
Lockheed Martin
Leah L.

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