Oracle Solaris 11 Zones and Containers

Length: 4 Days

Prerequisite:  Solaris 11 System Administration course or three months of experience administering the Solaris operating system. Must be proficient in the following areas:

  • File management commands (vi, cp )
  • Navigating file systems
  • Understand and set file permissions
  • Setting up user accounts and customizing the shell environment
  • Image Package System (IPS)
  • Service Management Facility (SMF)

Length: 4 days

Course Description: 
This course teaches the student how to administer zones (containers) in the Solaris 11 operating environment. A container is Oracle’s implementation of virtualization within the Solaris OE. You’ll learn the advantages of using zones and how to contain the resources of a zone. You’ll understand the issues associated with administering Solaris zones in a real world environment. The course includes plenty of hands-on labs and each student will have their own Solaris system to practice on.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Introduction to Solaris Zones
  • Configuring and Administering non-global Zones
  • Configure immutable zones
  • Booting, halting, cloning and uninstalling non-global Zones
  • Moving and migrating Zones
  • Backup and Recover Zones
  • Allocate and delegate ZFS file systems to Zones
  • Administer Packages in Zones
  • Update the OS image and packages in a Zone
  • Configure networking in a Zone
  • Delegate administration to a zone
  • Troubleshoot a Zone
  • Configure Resource Management within a Zone

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