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Exam Updates
These updates are for those that have purchased practice exams directly from UnixED. These updates will not work with the
CD-ROM that came with the Bill Calkins Exam Prep book. If you need to purchase an exam, click here.

This page contains two types of updates:

Exam Updates: This type of update contains a new or revised database of practice questions for each exam we sell. These updates are made available only to those that have purchased practice exams from UnixEd and will keep our materials as up to date as possible.

ExamGear Updates: ExamGear updates to the ExamGear test engine. As we add enhancements and improvements to the test engine, we’ll post the new test engine here for you to download Free of charge.

In April 2010, Oracle modified the Solaris 10 Exams significantly. Our Practice Exams were revised to reflect the update. Please go to the download page and get the most recent version of the ExamGear test engine.

310-105A SCSAS 3/8/2010 1.1 Download the new test engine
310-200A SCSA - Part I 4/23/2010 4.1 Download the new test engine
310-202A SCSA - Part 2 4/23/2010 3.4 Download the new test engine
310-203A SCSA - Upgrade 3/10/2010 3.3 Download the new test engine
310-044A SCNA 3/1/2010

A Note About Downloading

When downloading the update, sometimes your browser downloads the file as a .zip file and puts a .zip extension on the file. Make sure that when you download the file, the “Save As Type” field does not say “WinZip files”. It should say “All files”. When you save it to disk, make sure the file does not have a “.zip” extension. If it does, rename it so it only has a “.ega” extension. Don’t unzip the file - it’s not a zipped file.

Instructions for Installing Your Exam Update

An update contains new questions for your ExamGear test engine. Download the update and put the attached “.ega” file into the “Download” folder of the the ExamGear installation directory. The default location is:

Program Files -> ExamGear -> Download

The next time you startup ExamGear, the new database will automatically be recognized. After the updates have been installed, they will automatically be deleted from the "download" folder.

The current version of the ExamGear test engine can be verified by clicking Help in the top toolbar as follows: