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Solaris Certification Information from Oracle

Solaris 11 Certification:

Solaris Certification
Discussion Forum

Solaris 10 Certifications:

BigAdmin - Archived BigAdmin Articles. Used to be Sun’s one-stop website for System Administrators until Oracle took over.

System News - News on Oracle Solaris, etc.

Solaris 11 Documentation - Used to be

Solaris 10 Documentation

HP-UX Documentation

Misc Solaris Information

Pyramid Consulting - Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux consulting / contract system administration / contract training

Interesting WIKI - Compare the various Solaris releases on this Solaris family comparison chart - Sun related news and info

The History of Solaris (PDF) - Describes all of the Solaris versions from the early 1980's to current

Solaris on Intel (x86 Solaris):

Solaris x86 Video Driver - get the Solaris XFree86 Video Driver if you’re having trouble configuring your Intel video card (video device) with the x86 version of Solaris

Solaris (x86 Version) on Laptops

Solaris (x86 version) Drivers, Faqs, etc.

VirtualBox - Create a Solaris Virtual Machine on a Windows, MAC or Linux system.

Software: - get SUDO, samba, gzip and other public domain freeware here.

Go here to get a copy of Solaris 11 from Oracle. Download for free or order the media kit DVD for $20 S&H

Download Oracle's VirtualBox

Download the VirtualBox appliance Image for Solaris (saves you time in setting up Solaris on VirtualBox)

GNU Website

Performance Monitoring Tools:

SEToolkit - Free performance monitoring tool for Solaris systems. A must have for Sys Admins.

Nagios - A free monitoring tool for Solaris systems. View your network at any time from any browser.

Other Certification Sites:

HP certification - Information on HP's Certification Program

IBM’s AIX Certification

Online Magazines and Journals:

UNIX World Archives

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