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Take a free, no obligation test drive and find out why UnixEd ExamGear is the industry’s most popular UNIX exam certification prep program.
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  • Unlimited use of the test engine and database on a single system
  • FREE, unlimited updates – UnixEd regularly uploads fresh materials
  • Direct email support from Bill Calkins, author of the industry’s best selling Solaris Certification training textbooks, and highly experienced Solaris instructor and IT specialist.

Installation and Purchase Instructions

  1. Download the UnixEd ExamGear test engine and install it on your computer. Once installed, you will have access to a free demo module, so you can evaluate the test engine before you buy it.

  2. To purchase full access to an exam, log onto the Internet and start the ExamGear program. Select STUDY MODE.

  3. Instructions 1

  4. From the main menu, click on Exam and select the exam you wish to purchase from the pull down menu. Click on Purchase More Questions.

  5. Instructions 2

  6. The Unlock Exam window will appear with the exam that you selected displayed in red. Verify that the exam shown is the exam that you want to purchase. Once the unlock code is issued, no refunds will be given if you’ve purchased the wrong exam. Each exam must be purchased separately.

  7. Instructions 3

  8. Select Click Here to purchase an unlock code. You must be connected to the Internet to access the secure registration website. Enter your credit card information and select Order Quiz to finalize your purchase.

  9. Once your credit card purchase is authorized, you will receive an UNLOCK code via email – usually within a few hours of purchase. This code is registered to the computer that you installed ExamGear on; the program will not run on any other system. NOTE: If you use a spam blocker, please make sure that is on your whitelist.

  10. Open the ExamGear program, click on STUDY MODE, select the exam you purchased from the drop down exam list, select Purchase More Questions, enter your name and the UNLOCK code exactly as it appears in the email, and select UNLOCK. ExamGear will launch automatically, so you can train, prep and succeed.


Make sure that the proper exam number is specified at the top of the form. Once you click on “Order Quiz” your credit card will be processed and your unlock code will be sent to you. No refunds will be issued once the unlock code has been sent to you. The email containing your unlock codes will be sent from If you use a spam blocker- please make sure that you have on your whitelist so the email gets to you.

We’ll be using your Name, Phone number, and Address for credit card verification purposes so make sure they match what your credit card company has on file for you. Once your credit card is approved by our credit card processing company, an access code will be emailed to you. When your email arrives, follow the above steps to get back to the Unlock Exam window. Enter “Your Name” and “Unlock Code” exactly as it appears in the email. I recommend that you cut and paste the information, any questions should be emailed to webmaster.