Resource Guide

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the UnixEd site and our Solaris practice exams:

If I buy one of the Certification Guides written by Bill Calkins, do the ExamGear practice exams come with it?
Yes. All the books come with a CD-ROM featuring the ExamGear software and sample exams for both exams - Part 1 and 2. The exams that come with the book, however, are not the same exams offered here.

Are the questions you provide in the practice exams at this site, the same questions that come on the CD-ROM with your books?
No, the exams and questions provided at this site are in addition to what you get on the CD-ROM. The exams on this site, do not contain the same questions that you’ll see on the CD-ROM. Not to say some won’t be similar, but this website contains hundreds of additional questions. We update them frequently, something that we cannot do with the CD-ROM. The whole reason we put this site together is that many readers have asked for more questions before they take the real exams. Even a better reason for this site is that we can keep our database of questions completely up to date. The CD-ROM is up to date as of the last printing of the book.

Why do you charge for the exams at this site?
The cost of running this website and keeping the materials up to date needs to be covered otherwise we can’t do it - plain and simple. We also offer personal email support, from the author Bill Calkins, to all users that have purchased our materials The cost for our instructors and consultants needs to be covered to some extent. Here’s an idea of the cost: $300 per hr for an instructor to answer a 15 minute email response. Putting these exams together and maintaining the best test engine takes hundreds of hours of development time for our instructors. We keep the cost at a minimum to simply cover these fees. Our exams, for example, are 1/3 the price of many sites out there offering similar materials. Users have consistently rated our materials as the best and most accurate in the industry.

How are your practice exams different from the others?
All we do is Solaris. We create, maintain and support these material ourselves. Other sites simply hire a writer to write the questions (many are simply copied from us) and they provide no support when a user has a question. We get requests for this type of work all of the time. That’s how they can provide practice exams on nearly every topic. When you have a question with our practice exams, you’ll get a direct reply from the author of the book, Bill Calkins, answering all of your questions.

Can I Use Both Exams (CD-ROM and UnixEd Exams)?
If you use the UnixEd exams, we recommend that you remove the exams that came on the CD-ROM.

Do you offer any seminars or training for large groups?
Bill Calkins frequently visits local user groups, corporations, etc. to conduct Solaris certification seminars for system administrators that are simply looking to hone their skills before taking the exams. Visit this page for a complete list of our training courses and seminars. If you would like to arrange to have Bill Calkins teach a course, visit your site, user group, or expo, please contact us here.