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Solaris 10 System Administration Exam Prep Guides - A two volume set: Part1 (CX-310-200) & Part 2 (CX-310-202) - and UnixEd E-Practice exams 310-200 & 310-202 for one low price

The books are up to date and cover all of the material that you need to pass the certification exams and put SCSA after your name. However, you need a method to assess your retention of the material. Our practice exams are a great assessment tool and are designed to compliment the Exam Prep guide. Over 750 unique questions covering all of the objectives will provide an electronic test engine to assess and track your retention of the material. Use the flashcard function in the test engine to take you back to sections of the book that explain the answer and will help you study more efficiently.

Be prepared not only for the exam, but the job interview as well!

Here’s how to get your discount:
Order the 310-200 practice exam as described here.
On the order form, in the “Special Instructions” field found at the bottom of the order form, enter “examprep book bundle” as follows: Special Instructions
The order form will show the individual undiscounted exam price. You’ll see the discount applied to your electronic receipt sent to you shortly after placing your order. You will not get a discount on the second exam if you order it later.