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Download Instructions
(Download the free Solaris practice exam test engine)

Our practice exams are delivered to you using the ExamGear test engine. We've included a subset of questions for free so that you can evaluate the product before buying. Here's how to download and start using our test engine:

  1. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or Microsoft Windows 8

  2. Download the free test engine by clicking on the download link below

  3. Install the test engine by extracting the file just downloaded and double click on the “setup.exe” file and follow the prompts to install the ExamGear program.

  4. Now you can start the ExamGear test engine by clicking on the MS Windows START button, selecting PROGRAMS, and then selecting the UNIXED EXAMGEAR program. You will be able to try out our exams using the free demo questions we’ve prepared for your evaluation. The demo allows you to access a subset of questions from a database of several hundred questions. Go through the demo as many times as you wish to evaluate the study materials. If you wish to purchase full access to the database of questions and study materials, click here for instructions.

  5. Make sure you register when prompted during the installation, to get access to the free questions and notifications of updates.

  6. Make sure that you check for updates to the exams frequently by visiting this URL: click here.

The test engine is a complete stand-alone product. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use it.