Inside Solaris 9 Solaris9 System Administrator Certification

Inside Solaris 9 gives administrators the information they'll need to upgrade to Solaris 9 and maximize the new features. Author Bill Calkins begins by laying the foundations of Solaris, then explains how to get set up with Solaris 9 (including any potential pitfalls). Next, system maintenance issues are covered such as setting up user accounts, managing file systems and processes, system security, monitoring and tuning, and backup and recovery. Solaris networking and service management issues round out the book, along with some excellent resources and a glossary.

Publisher: Que Publishing November 2002     ISBN: 978-0735711013    936 pages     Author: Bill Calkins

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Welcome to Inside Solaris 9, the most complete Solaris system administration guide on the market.This book compiles everything a system administrator needs to install and manage a Solaris 9 system.You might be familiar with the author’s Solaris certification training guides. Many of you have written to ask for more in-depth information on some of the topics provided in those training guides. On the other hand, some have written to say that the training guide covered too many topics and went beyond the scope of a study guide.This book fills the gap.

Inside Solaris 9 is a must-have reference guide for the Solaris system administrator. Written in an easy-to-follow format with step-by-step examples, many of the Solaris administration processes and procedures that the author has compiled in his notebooks cover the past 18 years are available in this book. (They’re much more organized here than in his scratch notes, however.) The author gone to great effort to ensure that most, if not all, of the tasks you need to perform are covered.

Inside Solaris 9 provides an in-depth look at the Solaris 9 operating environment. Starting with fundamental commands that every system administrator must know, each chapter eases the reader into the task of administering a Solaris 9 system. For beginning to intermediate system administrators, you will find complete, concise, and easy to understand coverage of each topic. For advanced administrators, this book will provide a firm foundation in topics such as RBAC, Solaris Volume Manager, performance monitoring and tuning, NFS, and name services. This book covers all topics a system administrator must know to administer a Solaris 9 system. It’s my goal that you, the reader, use this book as a daily reference guide to develop and enhance your system administration skills.