Solaris 9 Administrator Certification Training Guide, Part I and II Solaris9 System Administrator Certification

This book teaches the system administrator the basic and intermediate topics in Solaris 9 system administration. This book also prepares the reader for part 1 of the Solaris 9 Sun Certified System Administration (SCSA) exam CX-310-014 and CX-310-015 (including the upgrade exam CX-310-016). It's the most up to date reference on Solaris 9 that has been published. Click here for more information on the book and how to purchase it.

Publisher: Que Publishing April 2003     ISBN: 0789729229    1008 pages     Author: Bill Calkins

Here’s What Sun says about the Book:

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“This book covers all the new features that appear on the certification exam. It is an excellent general reference and is my recommended source of preparation for the exam.”

-Brian Howard
System Engineer & Solaris(TM) Operating Environment Ambassador for Sun Microsystems

Here’s What Industry Experts say about the Book:

“The Solaris 9 Training Guide focuses on the exact exam objectives. Unlike typical ‘cram and dump’ books, this guide teaches the reader how to install, manage, and administer Solaris. Hands-on exercises reinforce the learning process. Exam takers will understand why their exam responses are the correct answers. Anyone wanting to earn the Solaris 9 certification will find everything needed to succeed. The Solaris 9 Training Guide is Bill Calkins’ best to date.” I’m using Bill’s Solaris 8 Training Guide in my college classes with great results and plan to move to the Solaris 9 Training Guide as soon as possible. Students gaining certifications surely confirm the Bill Calkins has developed a learning and exam prep system that works.”

-Gerry Tagle
President, Gerry Tagle Interests, Inc.

“Most study guides tell the reader how to do things, not why. Here, the author does both, creating a reason for a reader to keep the book, even after the exam. I like how it explains a topic and then gives examples. The examples were nice because they were not ‘type this to do that’ but ‘this is how you do it.’ which will appeal to readers who are not complete beginners. While a whole book can be written on the subject, I like how the book showed all the security features in the Solaris 9 operating environment. The book has a wealth of information.”

-Thomas Keegan
Senior Systems Integration Engineer, Level(3) Communications