Solaris 10 System Administration Exam Prep: 1Z0-878, Part II (2nd Edition) Solaris10 Part 2

This book teaches the system administrator the basic and intermediate topics in Oracle Solaris 10 system administration. This book also prepares the reader for part 2 of the Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam Part 2, OCP 1Z0-878 (formerly CX-310-202 SCSA) including the upgrade exam, 1Z0-879. It's the most up to date reference on Solaris 10 and the certification exams that has been published. Click here for more information on the book and how to purchase it.

Publisher: Que Publishing May 2009    ISBN: 978-0-7897-3817-2    600 pages     Author: Bill Calkins

Covers all of the objectives for the 1Z0-878 Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certification Exam, Part 2 (formerly the SCSA CX-210-202)

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  • Chapter 1 The Solaris Network Environment
  • Chapter 2 Virtual File Systems, Swap Space, and Core Dumps
  • Chapter 3 Managing Storage Volumes
  • Chapter 4 Administering ZFS File Systems
  • Chapter 5 Controlling Access and Configuring System Messaging
  • Chapter 6 Naming Services
  • Chapter 7 Solaris Zones
  • Chapter 8 Advanced Installation Procedures – JumpStart, Flash Archive and PXE
  • Chapter 9 Advanced Installation Procedures – WAN Boot and Live Upgrade

Here’s What Sun’s Solaris Certification Program Manager says about Bill (and his book):

Some study guide authors never try to contact Sun Certification to validate their work, while some take all the opportunities they have to do so. Mr. Calkins is in the second group. I was not surprised when he elected to take 12 hours worth of Solaris 9 beta exams, provide poignant feedback on hundreds of questions and write a Solaris 9 Certification study guide. And I am not surprised now that he has chosen to share his Solaris professional experience in this new Solaris 10 System Administration study guide. “ “Mr. Calkins is a natural pedagogue, capable of dissecting complex concepts into comprehensible segments, and thus promoting meaningful learning. Throughout the writing process, he has consistently looked to Sun Certification for the most precise information, not only in terms of exam content, but also for exam registration and test development specifics. He is above all, passionate about promoting the intertwined values that students need to acquire job role experience, learn the material, use the equipment, administer systems, then proceed to Solaris certification. “ “This certification study guide is effective, focused and fosters a clear awareness of Solaris 10 as a truly innovative Operating System and one of Sun’s most major releases yet. The chapter topics are well presented, and supported with an in-depth review of the actual test objectives. It is with great pleasure that Sun recommends this study guide to all future Solaris 10 Certification students. Thank you Bill for this tremendous contribution to the Solaris certification and training community! “

Yvonne Prefontaine
Solaris Certification
Program Manager, Sun Microsystems

Here's What Sun's Solaris Ambassador says about the book:

Bill's original Cert Prep guides were used throughout Sun's service organization as the SE’s studied for Certification. This was not mandated by Sun management but happened through word-of-mouth by those software engineers who had successfully passed the exam. In this new edition, Bill adds a chapter to explain the boot process (from POST to service initialization through SMF) on both SPARC and x86 systems. All chapters have been updated to reflect the Solaris 05/08 updates including detailed coverage of the x86 platform. This new guide is still the best source I know of, to study for the exam.

Brian Howard
Solaris Ambassador 14 years of engineering at Sun Microsystems

I am an employee of Sun Microsystems and used this book as a primary study guide. It not only exceeded my expectations but it also contained everything I needed to take the 310-203 upgrade exam. I found it to be as good or better then the internal Sun training materials and helped me pass the test the first time around.

Thanks again,
Bill M. Baxter
Sun Microsystems Inc. Systems Support Engineer